McNeal and White Contactors, Inc. have been in business since 1998. The business is co-owned by J.R. McNeal and Marc White and combined they have over 30 years of construction experience. In addition, we have a certified general contractor on staff. Our core business is shell construction of the slab, block and frame, supplying labor and material for residential single and multi-family housing. We also handle commercial projects and the complete design & construction of homes.
McNeal and White have a labor force of approximately 90 employees and have work force that covers the Southeastern United States. With the housing market at its worst it been in many years we had analyzed our company to the fullest and have held strong thru these economical struggles and are now continuing to grow in a down market. McNeal and White continues to be involved with many local organizations in the community and continue to learn the importance and most effective ways of value engineering, energy efficiency, envelope science and ways to provide a better service for our customers.
Our geographic territories cover the whole state of Florida and have offices in Jacksonville and Volusia County.

McNeal and White residential project