Energy Efficiency

McNeal and White has positioned themselves in the "green market" with certified staff, credentials and equipment to perform energy efficiency projects to the fullest. We can help you understand your home as a system and how it works in unison with all its components. Also we will show you your best return on investment and what saves you the most energy consumption.
Do you have health issues or problems, did you ever think this could be your home, surroundings and components not working as they should, maybe you don't get the proper air changes per hour for the healthiest environment possible?
We are a Building Performance Institute Affiliate (BPI). This is a nationally recognized program that breaks down the science of a building. We have worked with the State of Florida and the Department of Community Affairs(DCA) and have trained every weatherization contractor in the State for the program and have inspected over 1,000 homes. More of our credentials and training we offer thru Institute of Envelope Science include,

  • Continuing education for Contractors: building performance track
  • BPI (building analyst, envelope professional)
  • OSHA (10 & 30 hr course)
  • EPA Lead RRP Rule
  • NCCER core & construction trades
  • Rebates & Incentives

    Depending on what area you are in, M&W will provide forms and help with every federal tax credit and incentive that is in place. Also thru utility companies and federal programs you can receive rebates, for example, a utility company we work with provides a 15% rebate on all energy efficiency upgrades done on your home.